February 26, 2012


Potato Chips are one of my vices. It’s not the crunch or salty flavour that gets me drooling; it’s the different and slightly funky flavours. Forget about BBQ or sour cream & onion – those I can do without. I like salt & pepper, spicy Thai, rosemary and garlic. This love developed while I was working in England many years ago and the variety of flavours of their ‘crisps’ was amazing. I could pass on the prawn or chicken flavours, but the ones with herbs, garlic or vinegar were divine to me. It was one of the things I missed upon returning home. That is until I found Kettle Brand.

At first I could only find them at the health food stores, but now I can find them almost anywhere and everywhere. My favourites are Honey Dijon and Salt & Pepper. To top it off Kettle Brand chips are gluten-free. Yea!

Closer to the holidays I found Boulder Canyon Chips at the Natural Pantry in Westboro. I picked up a bag since they were on sale and have fallen in love. Most of the chips made by Boulder Canyon are gluten-free as well (except for the malt vinegar flavour) and the flavours are different and enjoyable. When the holidays came around we picked up some more flavours and everyone liked them.

The downside is potatoes are not my friend. My body doesn’t like them for some reason. It’s sad because I really like potatoes – mashed, roasted, tossed with herbs or in a chip bag – and I really have to limit them. As a result, when I eat chips I make sure they are ones I like. If they are going to give me a little tummy ache then the flavours better be worth it (it’s actually not that bad as long as I don’t eat potatoes aaaalllllll the time, and it is possible). Thankfully Kettle Brand and Boulder Canyon  are worth it.

For those times my body just doesn’t want a potato near it, I pick up some rice chips. One of which is the Life Brand Gourmet Brown Rice Chips. If you’re thinking about those plastic-like crackers from the grocery store, then you’re going to have your socks knocked off! 

These are not only fabulous and full of flavour, but gluten-free too. The mild curry is definitely different and my go-to-flavour is the salsa – WOW! Hmmm now I’ve got a hankering for some. Hopefully my body can wait until Friday.
The other brand I’ve fallen in love with is Riceworks. I first had them at a luncheon where a cousin created a gluten-free menu and she had the sea salt chips for dipping into some great hummus. I can say that they hold up well to heavy dips. 

The salsa and parmesan are also great flavours. The spicy chilli brought back some memories of train rides to a friend’s in Cornwall (chips are always a staple on trips in case I get a little nauseous).

Chips can be one of those evil things to eat – mostly due to the fat, but for me, it’s the potatoes.  Having some great tasting options can help make my Friday night cramp free.


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