February 9, 2012

Arrowroot Cookies

I’ve always loved arrowroot cookies and thought they were a decent snack – a cookie, yet without a zillion calories. They got me through high school and later, university. Even once I entered the ‘real world’ an arrowroot was perfect for a weekend snack and a cup of tea or coffee.

I wasn’t the only one who loved arrowroots in my house; one of my cats did too. Upon discovery it was quite cute as she would sit beside you and lick the cookie until there wasn’t much left of it. And it was only arrowroots. She couldn’t care any less for any other kind of cookie; she wanted arrowroots. Throughout the years I would try, in vain, to open the packaging as quietly as possible (which isn’t an easy feat). I thought I had finally succeeded and then she would appear. She would look at you with her little face and the cutest little meow would come out.

Once I became wheat intolerant I had to take a pass on my beloved cookie. Ironically the big brands don’t contain any arrowroot flour; just regular wheat flour. Then one day while I was wondering around the aisles I ended up with all the health food and a blue bag caught my eye. Next to some crazy high fibre cookie were some bags of wheat-free arrowroot cookies – and they were made with arrowroot flour! With a closer inspection they are also gluten-free so as my diet has, ah-hem, evolved, I can still enjoy one of my all-time favourites.

Of course Mi-Del arrowroot cookies can be found in health food stores, but they can also be found in most regular grocery stores, usually in the health food section. And yes, you can feel a bit like a kid again as they are animal-shaped and a little sweeter than the big-name brands. But then again, maybe it’s because arrowroot is a little sweeter and the big-brands don’t contain any. And yes, you may also get a few weird looks from friends and family (my students quickly get used to them since I usually have them during an afternoon tea break), but they’re worth it.


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