January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!

With the sun shining and mild temperatures today it really doesn’t feel like January let alone a brand new year. Even though we finally got a few good snowfalls around Christmas, we didn’t expect it to melt so soon.

The Honey and I rang in New Year’s with a nice dinner at Fratelli’s, who have gluten-free pasta options, and later with some friends.

New Year’s is one of those holidays that often seem overrated. For many years I envied those going out to celebrate and having a good time (while I served them dinner and drinks) until I moved to Ottawa and had my first New Year’s off. Yes it was fun, but it wasn’t any different than a usual Friday or Saturday night. I had a great time out with friends, but what was it that made New Year’s so special? Some of us contemplated that Saturday evening and no conclusion came about.

Tearing off the last page of my calendar I couldn’t resist smiling. According to a survey conducted by the Times Square Alliance four times more women than men intended to mark New Year’s Eve with their pets. Ironically, our cat wouldn’t have minded that one bit.


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