January 27, 2012

Beantown – Part 2

Day two started a little rough due to too many ciders at the BlackRose. We walked a few blocks to Mr Dooley’s (another Irish pub located on Broad St) for breakfast and it seemed the longer I was upright the worse I felt. It didn’t help that the orange juice was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted. I was hoping it would make me feel better. After breakfast arrived The Honey sent me back to the hotel. Apparently I was looking greener by the minute. He was more than happy to eat most of my breakfast and enjoyed eating the huge pile of bacon placed on both our plates (he assured me that my bacon was not the reason he told me to leave).

While I stayed in bed watching TV hoping to feel better quickly, The Honey took a short walk after breakfast then a swim in the hotel pool. When he returned I felt well enough for some fresh air and so we decided to make our way to Tremont St and Boston Common. It was another beautiful and sunny day and thought it would be perfect to wander around a park.


It was so nice walking at a leisurely pace. Being a Saturday there were many people hanging out with friends or their kids, some playing a light game of football. We did more wandering through the Public Gardens past the lake and flower gardens. We continued to enjoy the peace and quiet along the promenade on Commonwealth Ave.

For lunch we popped into Boloco, an inexpensive Mexican place on Newbury Ave (there are locations throughout Boston). 

They had a gf menu, but it was more or less the same just without the tortillas. We ended up getting something small (unknowlingly) because you need to order all your items when you place your order. It is set up a bit like Subway so we assumed that we would tell the person making our food what to put in it (there really isn’t a limit to the number of items you can add to your meal), but it’s not like that. It still worked out since we weren’t weighed down on our walk.

We continued down Newbury then along Boylston, popping into some stores here and there. Hours later we found ourselves back at the Public Gardens so we made our way to the Bull and Finch (aka Cheers) for dinner. 

This was one of my ‘must dos’ in Boston. You see, my sister and I grew up watching Cheers and ironically our names are found in the show so we feel we have a special connection to it. I had contacted the manager a few weeks before our trip and she said that many of their items could be done gluten-free (usually without the bread and buns). I was excited. Unfortunately the ‘original pub’ was full and we were seated upstairs in the replica ‘set pub’. It was exactly like what one saw on TV and The Honey reminded me that the set is what most people wanted to see knowing that I was a little disappointed. 

Our dinner was delicious and the server fully understood my food issues. Funnily enough, the only time she seemed apologetic was when she told me the only cider they had was Woodchuck (I guess Magners really is the cider of Boston) and was taken aback when I was overjoyed in my choice of cider.

After dinner we made our way to the Prudential Centre where we would have great views of Boston on their observation deck. It was a beautiful view as the sun was setting and as the darkness came the city lit up. The nightlights gave us another way of seeing the city. It would have been great seeing it in daylight, but the city lights made some of the buildings and sights shine.

Although it was a fairly short day we got a lot of walking in and spent our time enjoying the sunshine. After wandering around the observation deck it was time to go back to the hotel. The Honey wanted to get a good swim in before the pool closed.


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