December 27, 2011

Quick & Healthy

When I first began having problems with foods I quickly realized that I was missing some key nutrients. As a vegetarian I used soy and diary to help with my protein, calcium and iron. With those two gone and wheat along with it I decided to bring fish into my diet. It took a lot of soul searching, research and learning. And combined with removing some difficult foods from my diet, I began to feel better.

Even though we are far from a regular source of fresh fish here in Ottawa, there are some great fish mongers and in my experience, they are more than happy to help. Of course, fresh fish cannot be in my diet every day. My wallet really couldn’t handle that and I actually would get a little sick of it. The Honey has uttered ‘Fish again!?’ on numerous evenings.

To make things a bit more convenient I always have a stash of frozen salmon patties in the freezer. Through the years I have tried many and some are just horrible. But there are some really good ones out there. While they are not the same as fresh, when the weather is horrible or I forgot to go to the store or I discover there is nothing to eat (since everything needed to go into the composter), they can be a lifesaver.

Two of my favourites are both gluten-free and taste great – Irrestibles Blue Menu Salmon Burgers (Metro’s store brand) and Janes Sockeye Salmon Burgers.

At regular price, both are affordable ($6-8 for four patties), and when they go on sale, they are really affordable and are perfect for stocking up. I always have a stock in my freezer. Both cook up really nicely on a BBQ and will cook evenly if done on the stove. 

And a bun isn’t really necessary as they both have nice flavour on their own. Plus, I dress them up enough on their own.



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