September 13, 2011

Natural Pantry

I’ve often written about the Natural Pantry and the great things I find there. One thing I haven’t mentioned is their great homemade products. Many people know about it as the pantry often sells out, but if you don’t, you need to visit on your next shopping trip.

While I’m a happy little baker and cook, it’s nice sometimes to just pick something up. For those sweet things I just want a few and if I make them at home, then I have a dozen or two to find a home for (and hopefully not in my tummy). The pantry must have a great baking staff and have tested their products because what they have is really really good. In the time I’ve been shopping at the pantry, I’ve only had one thing that wasn’t that great and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be (that breakfast bar just didn’t do it for me). So they have a pretty good track record.

The date squares were nice and moist. The flavour was sweet without being too much.

Their garlic and herb focaccia is great with a salad or some soup.

The bagels are a little on the tough and chewy side, but they were still a welcome treat to get me through seminars.

The bread: The regular rice bread is really nice and I enjoy it when I don’t have time to make a loaf for myself. The cheese and raisin cinnamon are just okay.

The vanilla cupcakes are really good and surprisingly better than the chocolate.

The cookies are nice with great flavour and not too crunchy.

Their pizza crust is perfect for one person and has the perfect balance of soft and crispy.


The cabiatta buns are wonderful and are perfect for sandwiches. I’m always afraid my bread (and theirs too) won’t hold together for my lunch, but this one always does. It’s also the perfect size for a burger.

This isn’t a complete list of all the homemade baked goods at the Natural Pantry, but it’s a good start. Some locations also carry different items, so if the location near you doesn’t have your favourite, you can ask if they can deliver it. They also have a delivery schedule at their stores (and through their website) so you know when items come in fresh.

Located on Richmond Rd in Westboro, Hazeldean Rd in Kanata, and at Billings Bridge Plaza.


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