August 27, 2011

Gadgets, Gadgets Everywhere!

My kitchen is becoming quite cluttered with gadgets even though I’m not one of those people who has to buy the latest thing when it comes out. And I do use them once my kitchen becomes their home. From always living in small apartments or having a kitchen that wasn’t very practical I only kept what was useful. To this day I laugh at my mom who has moved many of her useless things from house to house. Using her kitchen drives me nuts. It’s come to the point that I do my best to avoid using anything but the toaster. Even that can be tricky – it was my babcia’s and it’s still kicking after it was rewired in the early 90s.

Back in the spring there was a fabulous craft show in Almonte called HandmadeHarvest. It is the thing to go to –regardless how far it is to get there. I met a woman whose husband is celiac and of course the usual questions and discussions came up (how long, when were you diagnosed, etc, etc). When the husband returned he showed us something he was more than impressed with. In fact, I was impressed as well and couldn’t resist picking one up for myself.

Not sure what it is? They are Toaster Tongs to get your tiny pieces of toast out of the toaster. And anyone who has toasted some gluten-free bread knows how difficult that can be (I became skilled with a knife believe it or not). Those buttons and levers on the side can only do so much, especially before they pop off. This little gadget helps save those fingers from getting burnt and people like me from electrocuting themselves.

With The Wooden Snowflake John Morin believes in not letting anything go to waste. He takes leftover pieces of wood, such as from felled trees or leftover projects, and creates wonderful objects such as wooden spoons. The result: every item is one of a kind and can be made from almost any type of wood that’s out there. My toaster tongs are made from Sugar Maple.

If you’d like your own pair, drop John a line at woodensnowflake [at] gmail [dot] com. Your fingers may thank you.


Psychgrad said...

I hadn't heard of the festival. Looks like there's another one in November. Definitely want to go!

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