March 23, 2011

Welcome Spring

While the calendar says spring is officially here, there is still snow on my front yard. A few feet’s worth to be exact. This past weekend I took a trip to my mom’s and we went to Canada Blooms, a spring ritual for her. Given how rough this past winter has felt this year I truly enjoyed all the colour.

Snowdrops at the front door greeted me upon arrival.

And the door at Ya’d Never Know gave me a smile as I popped in to pick up some bagels for the weekend.

Plus I saw many ideas for my own little patch of asphalt, which will hopefully be green by the end of the summer.

A nice surprise was The Shortbread Bakery with gluten-free shortbread (a post to come).

Another smile was seeing the superheroes from the gaming event next door. Gamers and gardeners – never thought those two would mix.

Here is hoping spring comes your way soon.



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