March 5, 2011

Memories of Summer

Here we are the first week of March and we had another pile of snow dropped on us Monday and crazy weather today. As I trudged from building to building in the slush and snow I couldn’t help thinking ahead to the wonderful summer months. No matter how hot it gets I can’t help but smile. Even when it’s that hot sticky 40° humidity I bask in the sun. You see, I believe I’m cold blooded because no matter what I do in the cold months I can never get warm enough. But when summer comes around I’m finally warm. I can wear short sleeves and shorts and be really really comfortable – no more sweaters, no knee socks, no crazy scarves wrapped around my neck – I’m really happy too.

So in all this winter craziness I happened upon some pictures from the summer months of the bounty that would often appear in my kitchen.

The sweetest peas to be eaten out of their pods were the best mid-afternoon snack.

Eating fabulous tasting Caesar salads with lettuce and garlic fresh from the farmer’s fields (with homemade GF croutons to boot).

Making lots of pesto and putting some into trays to be used once the temperatures dipped far below zero.

And cooking up some great heirloom produce or just ones that look real funky.

I’ll try not to get my hopes up too much as we still have some cool weather to endure. As I check out the calendar I notice the first day of spring falls on the 20th this year, so when it comes around the countdown to warm weather begins.


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