February 20, 2011


Scones have become the bain of my existence. They have been frustrating me for months. They have made me curse out loud after taking a bite. You see, I haven’t had any luck making scones gluten-free, or at least consistently.

I love scones and would eat them frequently. They are perfect for breakfast with jam (or when wrecking havoc on my system cornish or devon cream). They also make a good snack to tie you over until lunch or dinner.

When I was only wheat-free I would make them with spelt or kamut flour with success. I’ve tried adapting my recipe different ways and I’ve tried different recipes from different cookbooks – regular and gluten-free.

Sometimes they are great and sometimes they are not. One day the recipe will be tasty and mouth-watering and the next time the same recipe will be dry and bland. So you can see why it’s a little frustrating.

My goal this year is to conquer the scone. I will do it! I will make a delicious scone over and over again. I’m determined.

I’ll keep you posted on the scone wars.


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