February 26, 2011

Cherrybrook Kitchen

A while back I wrote that I had found a truckload of gluten-free mixes at Homesense and came home with a bagful. Well, I had found quite the variety and have been trying them out when time allows. One of them was Cherrybrook Kitchen. A company in Massachusetts that makes a whole variety of tasty products, from pancakes to cookies to cakes to frosting. The majority of them are wheat and gluten free and all of them are free of peanuts, dairy, egg, and nuts.

The sugar cookies are really good and I couldn’t resist dressing them up a bit. They are firm without being hard or crunchy and have a soft chewy centre without being gummy. The texture is what one would expect of a cookie. The flavour is really nice and tastes like a real sugar cookie. These cookies baked really nicely as the dough was rolled and allowed to bake. They didn’t spread out into pancakes, but the uneven height posed challenges for icing – it kept running off.

The chocolate chip cookies were a softer batter so they were spooned onto the baking sheet instead. Like the sugar cookies, they are a perfect balance of firmness and chewiness. The flavour is a little different for a chocolate chip cookie. They are just a touch grainy, but not as bad as others I’ve had and not so bad that I’d never eat them again, and the chocolate chips tasted a little odd.

Would I recommend them? Sure. I’d definitely recommend the sugar cookies, and the chocolate chip too if you needed a quick batch and couldn’t make them from scratch. If you happen to be walking through a Homesense store, keep your eyes open and think about picking up a box. While I love supporting my local shops, many of which are small, sometimes the mixes are a bit pricey (I saw these from $6-9). So seeing them at Homesense for almost half the price was an extra incentive for trying them out.


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