October 4, 2010

Boring Life

Other than a few things I’ve got going on, my life isn’t really that interesting. My schedule is pretty slow right now and with the chilly weather I’m finding it difficult to get out of my warm cozy bed. The cat doesn’t seem to mind that much either. Usually she’s itching to get downstairs and get something to eat, but lately, she’s content getting her scratches then cosies up beside me.

I know many people wish for more free time, and I have often been one of them. And now that I’ve got all this time I must say that I’m pretty bored. There is painting that has been calling my name. The doors upstairs still need to be painted from when we moved in. Also, the trim on the main floor still looks disgusting, all chipped and scuffed. A fresh coat of paint would do them good. With the weather supposed to be sunny and mild this week I should get it done.

Something that gets me though the day is lunchtime. Remember, I said my life isn’t very exciting right now. Last week I picked up some avocados from my local Metro, and they were the perfect ripeness. You don’t often get that (I find it sometimes takes days before you can slice one open).

For lunch I slice a few pieces of gluten-free bread, toast them up, smother them with Dijon mustard, put on some sliced avocado, grind some fresh pepper on top, and voila. With the crunchy toast, the smooth buttery taste of avocados, and the zip of the Dijon I’m left smiling.


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