September 7, 2010

Gluten Free Margarine

Recently, a product popped up on the shelf at my local Metro and I was intrigued by it. Not only was the packaging in nice colours and a green plant, but was labelled ‘Vegan’, ‘Lactose Free’, and ‘Gluten Free’.

I analyzed the packaging, being a little perplexed. Wasn’t all margarine more-or-less vegan? I’d seen very few with a dairy product in the list of ingredients. And what was gluten doing in margarine?! That is something I’ve never seen in the list of ingredients.

Finally I got around to check out the website for Becel, maker of this Vegan Margarine, and looked at the ingredients for their products. Unfortunately, their contact page is missing a ‘Send’ button so I called them instead. The representative I spoke to was really helpful and clarified a few things: All of Becel’s margarine is gluten free; Not all of their margarines are considered vegan as some are listed to have dairy and/or lactose; Becel gets many queries about gluten in their products so they decided to label this new product gluten-free. As an aside, the representative also mentioned that a few of their other products are gluten free – Skippy Peanut Butter, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Ragu Tomato Sauce, and Lipton Ice Tea.

Needless to say, I had to try the vegan margarine out. And I’m pleased to say that it tastes the same as the other Becel products (we normally buy the Becel Olive Oil or Salt Free Margarine – the health check symbols sways me). I’m in no way a margarine connoisseur, but I’m happy with the product. And lucky for us, it’s the same price as the other Becel margarine products at Metro. It’s nice to see that the gluten-free label hasn’t raised the price for a change.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is good to know

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for looking into this, my daughter has just been diagnosed with celiac, so there's a lot of products to check out.

m said...

Thanks. I was worried about the soy lecithin in the margarine. Many sources said that soy lecithin, although not containing gluten, may have additives that have gluten. Guess I will switch to the Vegan margarine. That will make my vegan daughter happy as well.

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