September 11, 2010

Beautiful Blue

Often we head into Gatineau Park for a walk or a hike. It’s a change of pace from our usual route down the Ottawa River or along our neighbouring streets. We like the peace and tranquility of it and I’m sure we aren’t alone.

One of our favourite trails is the one around Pink Lake (named after a family not the colour of the water). It’s a great trail as there are steps going up (way up) and down to follow the rock and hills around it. It’s a great way to work off an early breakfast. When we walk at a good pace we can complete it in just under an hour, but we like to stop here and there looking at the fish along the edges, turtles and frogs sunning themselves, and keeping an eye out for the chipmunks running around.

Another reason we like this trail so much is because of the water. It resembles the water I’ve seen in postcards from the Caribbean. It’s dreamlike and it instantly makes me calm.

I have a thing for water. That’s one of the reasons my showers are so long. While there is no swimming here I love looking out at the water. There are few places along this trail where you don’t see the water.

Much of it is open and there are times you can catch glimpses through the trees. Every time I see it appear from the trees I feel like I’m somewhere else. It is only when I hear a child shout or I trip on a tree root am I brought back into the present moment.


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