July 18, 2010

The Mix Company

A few weeks ago we ventured up the valley to Pembroke. A friend was getting married over the long weekend so it was an excuse to visit a part of the region we hadn’t seen (a beautiful area by the way). I did a Google search for gluten free restaurants with not much success. However, a link came up for the farmer’s market downtown Pembroke. There was a vendor who sold gluten free mixes. I’ve never been one for mixes, but I kept it in mind for our trip.

Saturday morning the Honey wanted to continue sleeping so off I went to the market. At first glance it’s misleading. It looked so small and all I saw was hot food being served from the small building. Then as I got closer I saw the tables and vendors; there were lots. There were vendors with baking (that looked so good), jams jellies and relishes, crafts, lavender products (that smelled wonderful), fruit and vegetables, and the gluten free mix lady.

Like at home, I glanced at everything first, then after visiting The Mix Company I checked out what else I wanted, especially the rhubarb. Cate Ott had a variety of gluten free products available for sale: mixes of herbs and spices, bread, pancakes, pasta, soup, and of course baking. She also had some prepared items for sale: gluten free pumpernickel bread, gluten free banana muffins, and gluten free butter tarts.

Everything was so delicious. The butter tarts never made it out of the hotel room. The Honey enjoyed them as well. The muffins were nice and moist and great for breakfast.

And the bread, tasted like the real thing.

Perfect for sandwiches.

Orders can be done via their website or if you live in the area, pickups can be arranged.


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