June 1, 2010

Thank Goodness for Monotony

This past weekend was a busy one and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I realized yesterday that having a routine is pretty nice. I know what to expect and how my day will flow, but of course life is full of hiccups.

Saturday I did a teacher training session with our new recruits and Sunday I co-hosted a bridal shower. I enjoyed both of these immensely, and the adrenalin was moving quickly through my body throughout the day. But come Saturday and Sunday evening, I was ready for bed at 8pm. Dinner was whatever we could put together and leftovers I was sent home with from the shower. I held strong and didn’t have any pizza at the training session (the pizzeria didn’t have gluten free pizza), but I didn’t fare so well at the shower and I paid for it. I took some digestive enzymes when I had some cake (it looked so good and tasted wonderfully), but they didn’t help me much. Lesson learnt once again.

I felt better yesterday and even more so today. Even though my morning got off to a rough start – I left the car windows down yesterday and we had a doozy of a thunder storm last night. The seats were more than a little wet this morning. This morning I started my day with a visit to Saslove’s. Every time I’ve been there, they’ve been nice and friendly, and answered any questions I had. I pop in there once in a while to pick up some back bacon for my honey’s weekend breakfast, as a special little treat. As a vegetarian I have no issues with other people eating meat, just don’t expect me to or lecture me about it. In the beginning it did feel odd going into a butcher shop; however, if I buy meat, I want it to be a quality product and I want to have an idea of where it comes from. Also, I can buy the quantity I want or need; not some monstrous package good for a family of 8. But today, bacon wasn’t my agenda. One of the employees was going to help me make sense of the different meats, cuts and a general idea of what to do with it all. In this experiment of trying out meat I’ve had some disappointing results, mainly due to me not knowing what I’m doing. My wonderful Joy of Cooking can only take me so far. Rhonda led me around as I jotted down some notes. I was concerned about being grossed out or being made to feel insecure, but Rhonda put me at ease. Her understanding and compassion was much appreciated. She even pointed out one of the sausages that also contain soy protein, so I can avoid it with my soy sensitivity. Celiac Carnivores will be very pleased to learn that Saslove’s doesn’t use any fillers, namely wheat or gluten, in their sausages and burgers. And of course, they are happy to answer questions about their products.

That may well be the highlight of my week. I’m taking French classes again, so between that and teaching, life is back to my usual routine. Nothing wrong with that at all.


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