June 9, 2010

Brown Loaf Bakery

Yesterday I had to run an errand on Elgin St. and I quickly remembered that the Brown Loaf bakery (at 268 Elgin St. 613-236-3255) has some gluten free goodies. Years ago I used to stop in there and pick up some fresh bread or treats. Everything always tasted so fresh and wonderful. I loved their brioche – so light and airy. Sadly I hadn’t visited there for a long time until Dino at Gluten Free Ghetto wrote about their gluten free date squares and macaroons back in March. I picked up a date square and a few macaroons and they were delicious. Ironically, I prefer the ones without chocolate.

Throughout my walk down Elgin I thought about their GF date squares. I had only ever attempted to make them once and it was the last time. I found chopping dates so frustrating and difficult. Yes, I realize they aren’t actually that difficult, but for me they are. My sister laughs: give me a 4-5 course meal and I’ll whip it up in a breeze; give me a slice of toast or an egg and I’ll burn it. On my way back I ventured inside and made my way to the squares only to see cookies in their place. I stood there in disbelief for a second; then asked the clerk behind the counter. I must have sounded so disappointed as his reply sounded sympathetic, telling me they hadn’t made any for a while. I looked at the gluten free macaroons. They did look quite tasty, and some had chocolate. He showed me some other treats with spelt flour that looked really good, but by then my mind had wandered back to the macaroons.

I walked out with a number of them, regular and chocolate, to share with my French teacher. It was a day for sweets and they came in handy as my energy waned while writing a short passage in the future proche. Two made it home for a picture and were gobbled up shortly after. I did originally save them for the Honey, but he was late in getting home – too bad, so sad.

I’ve had macaroons that were sickly sweet, but these are perfect. They were crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. The ones half-dipped in chocolate were the same, and thankfully all the chocolate didn’t break off at first bite.


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