May 17, 2010

Punch and Guilt

This weekend was about girls and family. I hosted a little baking party for one of my honey’s cousins who is getting married later this summer. I’m co-hosting her shower and wanted to bake cookies as a parting gift for the guests. I thought it would be great for the bridal party to get together to do this as its much more fun when you have company. My nana’s sugar cookies is one of my prized recipes and I make them for occasions whenever I can. It’s not celiac friendly so the recipe’s not posted, but if you have a copy of the Five Roses Cookbook, it’s in there.

It was such a nice way to spend the day. The sun was shining, the windows were open, and a nice warm breeze would come through the sliding doors once in a while. Blended with good company, smiling faces, and good conversation; you can’t go wrong.

One of the items on my shower list is to bring punch. I offered because it’s something I’ve never made before. Never. Ever. Like many food related things in life I hit my stash of cookbooks and nothing did it for me. Many didn’t even have a beverage section. Boy was I ever disappointed. Then I remembered the LCBO’s website. Their Food and Drink magazine always has great recipes, including non-alcoholic. I got quite thirsty going through the list and settled on four to make for our baking party. I wanted to test these out and luckily I was going to have four willing participants in my kitchen for most of the day. Paradise Punch became the favourite and will be served with anticipation in two week’s time.

Throughout the day my sense of guilt got stronger and stronger. I wasn’t sure what to do. The mother of the bride brought lunch and knowing that I’m a vegetarian, brought veggie sandwiches. I was touched that she made veggie sandwiches for me and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I couldn’t eat them. I also avoided the wheat-subject earlier while people were talking about their diet. Knowing she brought sandwiches I didn’t want to mention how much better I’ve been feeling since removing my evil-doers. When asked about my bread machine, I avoided the gluten-free cycle. Why did I do this? Why did I feel so guilty about being sensitive to gluten? Did I merely want to avoid hurting her feelings? Am I tired of the awkwardness and the questions? 24 hours later I still can’t answer these questions. I ate half a sandwich, along with a digestive enzyme, and hoped for the best (thankfully nothing major happened). This behaviour is very unlike me and I don’t understand the rationale, or lack thereof. Has anyone else ever felt this way? What did you do and why do you think you did it?

Paradise Punch
1 ½ cups peach juice
1 ½ cups orange juice
1 ½ cups cranberry juice
1 ½ oz lime cordial
1 ½ oz grenadine
3 cups soda water
Combine all ingredients except the soda water and chill until ready to serve. Prior to serving add the soda water.
I’m planning on mixing everything the night before and putting it back into the juice/pop bottles so hopefully the fizz won’t disappear.


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