April 25, 2010

Spring is Here

The warm weather ad sunshine have arrived and looks like here to stay. There is a feeling of renewal all around as I see flowers popping up, the grass becoming a luscious green, buds forming on the trees, and the birds singing their hearts out. This weekend I’ve seen quite a few magnolia trees with their pretty blooms wide open. It all puts a smile on my face. I’ve also seen lots of people in shorts and t-shirts; it’s warm, but not that warm. Easter weekend was 25°C and that was perfect was for shorts and t-shirts, but this weekend hasn’t near that and I’m happy staying in my jeans and fleece jacket. We don’t have much of a garden, some roses and bulbs out front and a few peony and bleeding hearts at the side. We have quite a few tulips popping up along the fence and in the little spot of grass we have. It makes we wonder how they got there, what crazy squirrel put them there, and once we mow the lawn, can we shear off the spent leaves with the lawn mower?

It was a nice week, keeping busy with work and finishing up things around the house – a mix of spring cleaning and finishing tasks that should have been done last fall. Picking up things like picture frames and developing pictures, picking up some groceries to munch on, doing a little painting, and hanging up curtains to freshen up a room. Also, getting our taxes done now that it’s nearing the end of April – what a relief. It’s nice to be busy, but no so busy that you need a break or are exhausted. It was the perfect amount and still feel balanced.

To finish off the week we decided to go out for dinner. We live in Hintonburg/Westboro and there are so many great restaurants; it’s often hard to decide. We made our way down Wellington and stopped at Agave. It was packed. Next, it was the Wellington Gastropub thinking it would be a nice place for dinner. Being Friday evening, it was very busy and understandably so as I’ve heard many good things about the food. We sat at the bar and ordered a few pints. I love Muskoka’s Cream Ale and my honey got the ‘guest draft’ HogsBack Vintage Lager. We’d never heard of it before, but what a nice beer. It’s from Ottawa so I’ll have to be on the lookout for it at the LCBO. The menu looked really nice, but not our cup of tea that day. Going through all these dietary changes we knew it would be a challenge finding dinner out, but nothing screamed out to me. Their soup and salads were tempting, but I wanted something substantial, and with a bit of a smaller price tag. I’ve heard their menu changes quite often so we’ll go back another time. We ended up at The Foolish Chicken. We had gone once before (my first meat meal out) and it was just as good the second time round. An added bonus of this place: many items are gluten-free. It’s a casual atmosphere and the staff is really friendly. That night there were some friends, a family, and a couple or two. You could hear the music in the background but still have a conversation without having to shout. We enjoyed their Zucchini Sticks, BBQ Chicken, TFC Club, which came with sweet potato fries. I felt so disappointed when the waitress said ‘Can I interest you in our gluten-free dessert?’ as I had no room to spare. One of these days we’ll have to go when we’re not really hungry and have dessert instead of an appetizer.




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